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Unique, Handcrafted Mirrors
Inspired by Ideas as Old as Time

If you are looking for a handcrafted mirror that is as beautiful as it is functional, or a one-off piece of art you will never grow tired of, Talisman Gallery has an extraordinary range of exquisite mirror art.

Created by renowned metal artist Ron Fitzpatrick, our stunning decorative mirrors are inspired by legends and myths, by ancient symbols, astrology and nature.

Celtic cross mirror

Decorative Mirrors - Real Pieces of Art

  • Beautiful Zodiac mirrors with the 12 signs of the zodiac etched into a brushed stainless steel frame.
  • Fabulous Medieval Dragons draped over Mirrors some with candleholders or exquisitely crafted metal roses
  • The Aladdin Sculpture Mirror - flames that seem to reach out and touch you.
  • The Vortex Mirror that draws you in as it spirals into the centre like a black hole in space.
  • Peacock coloured Sunburst Mirrors
  • Butterfly Mirrors
  • Mirrors with ancient symbols such as the aum ,yin and yang, celtic triskele and pentacle, symbols that represent balance and harmony.

Lotus Mirror

Decorative Wall Mirrors Handcrafted Works of Art

Ron Fitzpatrick handcrafts his decorative wall mirrors in his studio behind the Talisman Gallery where the final works are displayed.

Talisman Delivers Anywhere in the World

With our special packaging and shipping systems it is easy to own one of our artistic mirrors.

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Zodiac Mirror

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